Mr. Bear Comes To Visit
A Picture Book For Young Readers
by Mark J. Cadman

Cover of Mr. Bear Comes to Visit

This picture book, designed for ages 2-6 (and 7-95), is the result of a chance bear visit to Tolland, CT. The striking photographs of a very photogenic bear make for an engaging little story to be enjoyed by the young of all ages.

Currently available in soft cover only, the cost is $7.99 (plus in CT sales tax $0.51) + mailing. Normal first class mailing for a single copy is $1.50.

Orders can be made at:
POBox 862
Tolland, CT 06084

Acclaimed by Educators and Writers

A visual experience for the young reader, MR. BEAR COMES TO VISIT, is a delightful short story whose subject line is totally relatable to a child growing up in New England, or wherever bears roam. The true to life photographs will appeal to the child in all of us, and serve as a springboard for conversation with the reader.

J. Potter, retired kindergarten teacher

A young reader enthralled by Mr. Bear Comes To Visit.

Mr. Bear Comes To Visit is the endearing true story of a surprising visit to a suburban back yard by a very large black bear, captured by Mark Cadman… farrier, musician, photographer and naturalist amongst other things. The photos and poetic storyline relate the simple wonder of the unexpected encounter and carry with it a message of respect and sharing. The pictures and the fabric of the tale speak volumes in their simplicity. This little book would appeal to new readers, young readers and those somewhat older who would delight in the gift of the telling.

review from Gail Kapinos

Mr. Bear Comes to Visit is a delightful little book that’s large with endearing visuals of a wild black bear who, curious and hungry, ventured into author and photographer Mark Cadman’s backyard. Within a few resourceful minutes, the mischievous bear created the inspiration for a picture book to engage young children and those who read to them. Told in rhyme, the book provides plenty of teaching moments and conversation starters for children and their readers. The paperback book is of sturdy construction, made to bear a lot of love from little ones.

Mary Korbulic, blogger and retired journalist

Beautiful authentic photographs and clever text provide a way to illustrate the power of nature and encourage a greater respect and appreciation for woodland creatures. If you have children in your life or know of one in need of a book, this is a must.

V. Gagnon, Retired Kindergarten Teacher, mother, grandmother, and lover of children's books.

Rhymes, pictures, and a beautiful bear! "Mr. Bear Comes to Visit" combines gorgeous photos with a lively rhyming text—a great way to introduce youngsters to Nature, Conservation, and Reading!

Martha McHutchison, retired English teacher, author and woods dweller